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Shutter Eyes Movie (2018) Official “Light Being” Trailer

I’ve officially released the first trailer New Years Day for my upcoming film “Shutter Eyes” about a young man with a video camera that has the special ability to see into a parallel dimension. I am making two trailers for the film and will post updates on the website at SHUTTEREYESMOVIE.COM

This first trailer was inspired by Stanley Kubricks “The Shining” original trailer which showcases blood pouring out of an elevator accompanied by an intense sound design. I wanted to create something similar with a simple bold video image. In this case we are seeing the camera in action. By using the night-vision switch on the camera it has the ability to see into another dimension and here we are witnessing “alien lights” in the sky above Los Angeles. They are silent in our dimension. Not visible with the naked eye, only through the camera can we see that they are clearly there. What they are doing we do not know yet.

What would you do if you discovered that aliens not only exist but have always been here?

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