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Editing  ///   Sound Design  ///   Music  ///   Directing  ///   My work at Simple Films

[Editor-Sound Designer-Music] Episode 1 “No More Mr. Nice Guy” TV Movie: WEST OF THE 405

[Editing & Original Sound Design (:00-:30sec) Feature Film Trailer: Movie Adolescence]

[Editor] http://bostonmarathonfilm.com/

[Director ||| Editor – Famous for a Century Music video, song “Ghost”]

[Editor – JSK Music video, song “Squat”]

[Director on this commercial]


( My voice over included in this)

( Editing, Sound Design, GFX )

(Marketing GMA video Watch Dogs 2)

(Marketing video The Division)

[Produced web series Chilly Hollow Farm TV throughout the 2015 CSA season, Berryville, Virginia]

[Editstock “Kill Cinder” Editing contest. Winning finalist. Take a typical high school classroom scene and make it appear as if the whole class or someone is trying to kill Cinder. Using only footage provided and sound design.]

What has now become part one of our epic journey down the Edisto River of South Carolina. Filmed in June 2011, the journey started 150+ miles upstream. The goal? To make it to Edisto beach. The second part of the journey we filmed July 2013, spending five days, four nights in hammocks above the flooded river which saw record breaking flooding. I will be editing the full story combining both trips from different years into one full length documentary film. Edisto: An Epic Adventure *Part 1* is the story from our first attempt in 2011.


Jamison has worked on these projects with AM-DVD

Disney WOW Blu-ray Calibration Disc
George Benson – Songs and Stories (Monster Music)
Anjulie (Monster Music) Deluxe CD+Audio DVD
Earth Report (Nat Geo)
Where’s Amelia Earhart? (Nat Geo)
Bizarre Dinosaurs (Nat Geo)
In the Womb Collection (Nat Geo)
Ultimate Factories (Nat Geo)
Worlds Toughest Fixes (Nat Geo)
Inside Guantanamo (Nat Geo)
Boarder Wars (Nat Geo)
Alaska State Troopers QC (Nat Geo)
Great Migrations QC (Nat Geo)
Life On Mars – The Original U.K. Version (Acorn Media)
Intelligence (Acorn Media)
Fallen Angel (Acorn Media)
Bonekickers (Acorn Media)
Callan (Acorn Media)
Murdoch Mysteries (Acorn Media)
Poldark Series (Acorn Media)
Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares (Acorn Media)
The Shape of the World (Acorn Media)
The Exiles (Milestone Films)
Luciano – (DVD Video Edit)