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1) Finding multiple clips and bringing them up in Finder

Select all clips “option G” to put into compound clip
move compound clip out of the primary storyline with the position tool – it becomes connected to black slug. NOW – Shift Command R to “Reveal in Finder” all clips associated in the compound clip will pop up in finder.

2) Click on Library on top Left to then see “Modify Settings” & “Consolidate” in properties on far right.

3) Note: In the viewer click on “View” (top right) with dropdown arrow to choose Better Quality or Better Performance

4) The trick to working with the magnetic timeline is going back and forth between using the select tool (A) and position tool (P) Also the ~ button for trimming without moving a clip that is connected to the clip you want trim. Otherwise (T) is trim. (B) blade, comma and period is nudge.

Common shortcuts:
Pressing shift 1 will bring Video/Audio into timeline. Pressing shift 2 will bring ONLY video. Shift 3 – ONLY audio. Press Q and it will connect it on a clip, W for an insert and E to append & D to overwrite.
R for selecting a range, command 7 will bring up your Scopes. You can also just drag it in.

Control + option S will expand all your audio it will stay connected to the video. You can press option and click on the volume bar to make audio keyframes. Press (R) range to select a portion of audio, press V to disable or enable.
Control + Shift S will Detach the audio. This is destructive meaning you have to watch the sync, it will not tell you. Press undo OR select them both audio and video and make compound clip.
Double clicking the audio portion of a clip will make it split apart but it will stay blue (right click on the little handles that appear and you can change the fade curve.

TIP: If you have some audio connected to a clip notice the vertical green line to where it’s connected to. If while you are moving clips around and you don’t want the audio clip to move with everything else. Double click so it splits apart and then move the top bar to a different part of a clip OR OPTION click to move the vertical green line.

List of helpful apps for the workflow

Source Timecode burn In –


Producers Best Friend – this will help generate a EDL spreadsheet of all the info within the metadata in fcpx

EDL-X – can generate pulls.  Remember to remove speed changes before making pull EDL’s

Change List X – generates change notes for VFX updates

Clip Exporter – Can export directly to Nuke and After Effects

QT Edit – resets the Log C flag on Pro Res clips returned from VFX

X2Pro – will generate AAF for Pro Tools

Here is the FREE frame counter to send for VFX

Great color, mask, tracking tools