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Creative Editing to the Rhythm of Life

Editing Contest Winner!

Editstock.com is a great resource for editors to practice their skills. I noticed a contest they were offering called “Kill Cinder”. They provided 35 minutes of free unedited footage from a typical innocent high school romance scene and wanted YOU the editor to transform it into a NIGHTMARE! You could add music and SFX but not add any additional footage.

I ended up winning third place out of 10 finalists! The feed back video they gave was great. Most editors starting out are by themselves often not surrounded by other creatives. Getting creative feedback from other editors is fantastic for ones growth and improvement. I used color and sound to tell the story. My cut consisted of using texting as a device to initiate other robotic classmates to kill Cinder in addition to a straightforward edit. Here are a few responses that my edit generated…

“The texting device was brillant.”

“That is great resourcefulness, really…we can all learn something from this moment that was created here by Jamison.” (In regards to reversing already used footage)

(My feed back starts at TC: 21:31).