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Creative Editing to the Rhythm of Life

Editing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Parkour at Comic-Con

Parkour is back again this year at Comic-Con! Watch fans, celebrities & the trained tempest free runners take this course head on! I was back at Simple Films in Santa Monica for this cut and it was edited on FCPX and I had to have a version 1 cut on the first day of becoming familiar with all the footage. There was hi frame rate footage, GoPro, drone and A&B cam footage of the event. Interesting note about this cut…After a finished version of the cut was near approval the client requested that ALL the music had to be replaced. There is a good challenge for ya! A good way to practice that would be to take a completed cut you’ve worked on and replace all the music on it.

I also worked on a Playtest video where gamers help test and give feedback on the game so developers can create the best possible version of the game. The video has over a million views on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/assassinscreedUS

2015-07-20 23.10.09
Playtest edit