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jforkmusic.com | editor | guitarist

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  Jamison “JFork” Forkenbrock is an American guitarist, songwriter, composer originally from Sterling, Virginia located just outside of Washington, D.C. He joined the alternative rock band Cobbler  sometime around 2005 and released two albums “Stars Caught Fire” and “The Change in Frequency” with moderate success and touring.  Shortly after their second release the band reformed into The War Within after the departure of their lead singer.

  With a new singer, The War Within released a self titled album and an EP with a limited release called “After You”.  In 2007 he created the band Spiked Punch at The High School Dance a funk/punk/metal group who would eventually release an album in 2015 called “This Prom Puts Out” through crowd funding platform Indiegogo.  Around 2010, Jamison joined a working cover band in the Northern Virginia area called Pebble to Pearl  a R&B funk group who performed top 40 hits from Michael Jackson to old school funk like The Meters  and George Clinton.  Jamison was also involved with creating original music with the group and they recorded songs called “Good Ass Love”, “Bite Your Tongue” & “Beggar Man”. During his time in Pebble to Pearl  he was also filming, editing and creating the music for a paranormal doc-reality show called The R.I.P. Files.  He’s currently writing an instrumental meditative guitar album and a “space-funk” record while working on films and television in Los Angeles.


(2010-2013)  Guitarist of Pebble to Pearl – Guitar featured on Good Ass Love, Beggar Man, Bite Your Tongue

(2008-2009)  Guitarist of The War Within – Released two albums The War Within and After You

(2005-2008)  Guitarist of Cobbler – Released two albums Stars Caught Fire  &  The Change In Frequency

(2006-hiatus)  Guitarist/Producer of Spiked Punch at the High School Dance


On going projects: